Oliver Royce recognizes a new approach to apparel design that focuses on best practices and principles with the aim of delivering product that has a genuine purpose or reason to exist. 

Oliver Royce currently works as a Creative Lead and consultant of all things wearable.

Find him on instagram @oliroyce

Or Linkedin www.linkedin.com/in/oliverroyce

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The Innovation Award

Awarded by Hilary Alexander (on behalf of Graduate Fashion Week)

'The Fashion Innovation Award is looking for individuals to create a product, concept or realisation in a way that confounds expectations and challenges existing methodologies and approaches. We want to see a high level of proficiency displayed through the use of an innovative process/use of materials, technologies and equipment, a professional attitude displayed in terms of work outcomes and a diversity of approach to problem solving and an experimental, analytical and critical approach to the design process.

A clear demonstration in the work materials presented that the idea is an original concept and not derived from secondary or third party resources. A visually stimulating and genuinely exciting output, that indicates a clear and thorough understanding of contemporary issues and design and cultural processes that feed into the world under review in a way that adds value and resonance.' 


The Creativity Award

Awarded by Andy Rubin (Chairman of Pentland Brand)

“Oli ticks all our values. He's a genuine lead for change. From day one Oli has challenged himself to create great propositions while his energy and determination have ensured adoption of his new ideas for the modern consumer. He’s a true, world class designer with a passion to win for business.”

The Chairmans Award

Awarded by Andy Rubin (Chairman of Pentland Brand)

This particular award recognises designers behaving responsibly. As a cross-functional team at Speedo International, we bought to market a range of swimwear, suitable for using both in the pool and at the gym. The range responded to the changing behavior of Speedo’s customers, in how they spent their time in and around the pool but also to how they spent their money. The most important thing about this range is that it’s constructed from a recycled yarn called Econyl. Econyl is a fiber made from pre and post consumer plastic waste (including fishing nets) and it performs just as highly as a material made from virgin yarns. The use of this yarn delivers real consumer choice and reflects the positive work that can be done with the right decision makers involved.