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Son of a gun…no wait. Son of a tailor.

When brands talk about customisation, they are quick to default to customisation of the aesthetic or appearance of the garment, based on the customer’s preference. This often means that the other main area, customisation of fit, is often ignored.

As a consumer myself, I’ve felt that for far too long we’ve been forced to buy cheap or expensive off-the-peg clothing, based on a standardized measurement system. A truly custom fit can be found on Savile Row, but the process is slow and not in line with modern consumer behaviors. When we talk about behaviors, we refer to groups such as the time precious or those that expect instant gratification.  Moving down (in price) from Savile Row, we muddle our way through, buying clothing and having it altered. Alternatively we buy made-to-measure which are really standardised fit options, masquerading as fits unique to the wearer.

So it was when I stumbled on Son Of a Tailor that I thought, finally someone gets it. The brand is built with customisation of fit AND aesthetic, central to its business model. They have established a viable customer journey, enabling you to be very unfussy or to have full control of every detail. Their confidence in their process is great to see, with an option to return the t-shirt, should you not be happy with it.

It’s this kind of business model that is both scalable and desirable in its own right and its’ surely not long until luxury houses or even sports brands follow suit.

I’m going to be the guinea pig as I am extremely fussy about the fit of my t-shirts. I’ll put in an order and post the results.

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