My Top Picks

The worlds got more brands than it needs, so here's a few pieces, from a few brands, doing legitimate things. 

C6 Life

Being able to carry your laptop, without a rucksack.

Sort Of Coal

Charcoal orientated grooming

Snow Peak

A Titanium flask that you never knew you needed, until now.

Organic Basics

Organic cotton with anti-bacterial silver thread, rarely in stock for obvious reasons!

Satisfy Running

Bonded hems, clean cut neck, 4-way stretch and sweat wicking = ultimate life tee

Campbell Cole

I've owned this Card Holder for about four years now and it's still beautiful.


Zoom Fly, mainly because they're being slept on.

Lot 2046

Lot2046 coming through with the subscription wardrobe. Incredible concept worth invesitgating.

Perfumer H

What's a man without a strong candle game?


Utilitarian Beauty, perfect colour


Catch me at the airport in this classic melange two piece.

Have you seen my Sustainable Top Pick?

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